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Suchá 1 • 570 01 Suchá u Litomyšle • e-mail: manon@wo.cz
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Jiří Skřivan


Jiri Skřivan is born 17th October 1967 in Litomyšl in a “stableman family” of Rudolf and Vera Skrivan . With his 2 years elder brother Rudolf he was close to horses since his childhood.

He begun to compete on a big sport horses when he was 12 years old, he won his first show- jumping competition on a horse Manon ,which later gave a name to his stable. In the junior category he and his brother belonged to the best riders and at championschips they regular came in the first places. As a junior he took part in eventing competitions where he won in 1985 the bronz medal of the Czech Republic and gold and silver medal at the Championship of Czech and Slovak Republic.

From the year 1989 he began to gain a new experience on the short therm study visit abroad. At first he accepted the offer of the Swiss stable, Beliar . After that he went to Ireland, where he was in a short therm stay at Paulo Daragh , all-world known rider . After few months he returned back to Switzerland, this time into the stable of one of the best –known riders , Markus Fuchs. From there his steps led to the Swiss Alps, to the stable of a Swiss hotelier, where he worked for almost two years. Here he had excellent horses at his disposal, with them he started on a international level ( Dream Time, Zirkon).

At the end summer 1992 he together with his wife and one year old twins Petra und Mirka. He finally returned home near-by Litomysl ,where he established his own stable. He started to cooperate with the riding club in Melnik and he got first horses in his training , among them there is also the 4 years old Labe Jeff , with him he later achieved his best success – victory in Grand Prix in Hungary.

In 1995 he moved to a newly built estate in Litomysl and with his horses Vesta del Metz, Labe Jeff-LB tech, Naracondo Profistav, Gargano Wepol, Guyane Orling, Labe James CAC leasing and the others he reached great sport results at home and abroad and he became a mainstay of the Czech representantion.

The show-jumping season 2003 places Jiří Skřivan among the best seasons of his in saddle of Labe James he became the 2nd place champion of the Czech republic. He won in the Grand price of Ostrava, GP Poděbrady, GP Frenštát pod Radhošťem and GP Plzeň. In Czech show-jumping cup he came in 4 th rang and in the ranking list of the best riders of the Czech republic he was placed in the 3 rd rang after one year break he returned back to the show-jumping riders category.

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