Jiří Skřivan • Stáj Manon • tel: +420 602 451 918
Miroslava Skřivanová • Jezdecká škola • tel: +420 606 836 449
Suchá 1 • 570 01 Suchá u Litomyšle • e-mail: manon@wo.cz
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Pension jizdarna Sucha



• Pension, new horseriding area, indoor arena, outdoor ahow arena

• Restaurant overviewing the indoor hall, summer terace

• Fellowship

• Horse-riding school, weekend stay, horse-riding courses

• Show jumping events, public practice, riding clinic

•  Horse-riding games, horse-riding holiday courses

• Possibility of stabling your own horse

• Jump training, basic of Dressage and Vaulting

In 2008 we bring you a complex offer, which is dedicated to all rides from early bebinners up to experienced riders.



Pension Suchá is located 3 km from Litomyšl with capacity of 24 beds, 2-4 bedrooms with bathroom and WC. All year long catering in restaurant with capacity for 40 people, parking and in summer season also open -air terrace.


Training on lunge for beginning riders

Training lesson - indoor arena

Trail Riders

Show jumping practice

Stabling own horse

Show jumping courses

START - courses for beginners

Includes 10 lessons focusing on basics in safety, taking care of horses, preparation of a horse for training. Training is held on lunge, advanced can be whithout. Making familiar with the basic horse-riding terms and commands.

Lessons for middle advanced RELAX

This course includes 10 training lessons. These lessons include basic work with a horse. Making familiar with the basic horse-riding terms and commands. Basic, preparation for show jumping lessons.

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