Jiří Skřivan • Stáj Manon • tel: +420 602 451 918
Miroslava Skřivanová • Jezdecká škola • tel: +420 606 836 449
Suchá 1 • 570 01 Suchá u Litomyšle • e-mail: manon@wo.cz
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Stable Manon


Stable “Manon“ was establised by Jiri Skrivan in 1992. When he arrived back from abroad he bought an agricultural estate near-by Litomyšl, which he renovated and began to run there a sport stable.

In year 1995 Jiri Skrivan moved with the horses to a modern stable in Litomysl . The property equipment which is situated near-by the centre , provides horses and also riders with ideal conditions for training.

The place offers 15 inner + 4 outside boxes , 2 solaria , a wash box, a sand manege 30x40 m, carousel for 6 horses and a corral. A portable covered hall 18x30 evables all year posibility of training.


To organize a horse competicions he began to renovate a natural riding area by Primator dike. In beautiful device surrounding there arose a sand riding arena 40x60 m, tribune and a grass competition riding place with an work riding place. Every year, there are about 8 horse riding events, of which Show-jumping Grang Prix of Litomysl (since 2002 being part of prestigious serial "Czech Show Jumping Cup) is the most important.


Thanks to the donations from the Ministry for Regional Development the activitis of Stable Manon may be extended. In Autumn 2007 in the area of stud farm we have built 30 boxes whit indoor arena 23 x 66 m and pension with accommodation. New complex Pension Jizdarna Sucha provides a solid environment for both horses and riders as well as for many horse-riding events, of which there has been over 24 in 2008 - show jumping events, public practice, forse-riding games for childern, riding clinic, horse riding camps and breeder events.

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